How to defeat mess and chaos with paper and a pen only?

How to defeat mess and chaos with paper and a pen only?

In current busy environment there is no matter what is a field of the person’s activity, but the time management is a basis for being efficient and successful. Otherwise, rush and lots of current and strategic task will bury each hard worker under pressure of responsibility.

There are numerous varieties of tools for keeping track on what is going on and control events and current changes. One of such tools is a planner, where notes on coming things to do and to happen are specified.  So what are the best planners for being organized and successful person in each sphere?


The best planner for student.


Environmental characteristic: stable schedule that rarely change, but is mandatory to follow. Minor notes to records are required such as tasks, list of literature, deadlines for studies. Person in such environment are mobile and change couple locations each day.

Purpose: to make record to follow related to schedule of lessons, exams, practices, deadlines of tasks preparation, possible conferences and competitions.

Period of time: year, half-year.

Other requirements to consider: such planners can be used for each discipline in case of high load. If some information were noticed on piece of paper, it should be attached to planner.

The best planner: diary Notebook itemized with hours, that is portable. It would be great to have printable monthly planner for visual notifications and tracking of the important events coming soon.


The best planner for businessman


Environmental characteristic: dynamic business, that is affected by 3d parties, so changes could be applied for each sphere at work.

Purpose: to keep records about all significant events, deadlines and tasks, be able to make notes and amend them, if necessary.

Period of time: each day with ability to expand days to hours and collapse to weeks and months.

Other requirements to consider: sort-term and long-term planning is required, so planner should be universal.

The best planner: electronic planner, which can be easily amended without a mess, tracked by interested parties and locked for confidentiality for secure codes.


The best planner for personal use.


Environmental characteristic: various.

Purpose: to keep records on ongoing tasks, goals, notes or just interesting/important information.

Period of time: any.

Other requirements to consider: may have sections for phone numbers and addresses, general directory for applicable region.

The best planner: diary or notebook without extra requirements.


The best planner is a planner, that satisfies all requirements of person using it. So crucial is understanding of functions performed by planner and considering them during making choice. This recommendation helps  to maximize efficient use of planer and as a result to defeat chaos and rush.