When nothing go wrong

When nothing go wrong

Girls are used to write in a diary since being children, so it helped to systemize the day and keep important moments in mind.

The reversal purpose is in leading daily planner. It is look like dairy can be in electronic or paper format, but reflect things to be done in future. Good option for individuals, who have schedule saturated by meetings, appointments and other tasks.

How it should be lead depends on its owner. Here are some variants to consider:


Esenhauser’s matrix


This approach will suit for those, who have many current tasks distributed through the day or two.

The point is to sort things to do for 4 categories like

  • Important and Urgent – to be done ASAP.
  • Important not urgent – to be done further/with breaks on, but reported not later than deadline set.
  • Urgent, but not important – to be delegated to someone else, if possible.
  • Not Urgent, Not Important – to be delegated or disregarded at all. Such tasks have no sense and just steal time.



Hour plan


Use it in informational purposes to check what plans are for the nearest hours, track them and make NB points.

As a simplified example can be taken:

  • 9-11AM – Make paperwork regarding results of current quarter analysis
  • 11AM-1PM – Meeting with partners: presentation of the report, to discuss plan for next quarter;
  • 1-2PM – Lunch with a friend.
  • 2-4PM – Planning based on meeting
  • 4-6PM – Communication of plans to the team.

When the day or set of tasks are over the respective result may be specified in front of it: “done”, “proceed later”, “call tomorrow”, etc.

Usage of daily planner for making notes, that are important do not forget or keep in mind with small tasks clarification.


Daily planner is must have in busy days to manage time and organize tasks, nevertheless it can be useless if current circumstances change to fast.