What is cycling in time-managing?

What is cycling in time-managing?

Weekly planning satisfies the demand for users, who have stable work-life balance with recurring events what may slightly vary. But as older you get as longer your list of tasks per day become.

Weekly planner is apposite tool for handling all of that and keep mind free. It is rather popular and can be represented in following types:


– magnetic notepads for refrigerator with the list of tasks for today or for this week. This approach suits for housewives or freelancers;

– diary with the calendar pages and task lists for each day of present year. One diary spread represents all seven days. Approach suits for multitasking employees with a large number of meetings to be tracked;

– and “grandson” of mentioned above diary – electronic calendar which you can check on your desktop, laptop and even cellphone. Probably it’s the most used “trick” nowadays, especially for the young generation.


So what to do with weekly planner and how to use it by the most effective way? Here are some options:


Notification approach: what to be filled?

Frequent actions: trainings, courses, meetings.

Current amendments: postpones, cancelations, new appointments.

Future notes depending on a format (book or a program) it would be useful to mark future events to be sure they are already included in a list.

Detailing: may vary by specification to a week number, day, or certain hour of the day.


Comparative analysis

It would be useful in cases when:

  • individual operates in dynamic environment and have to keep track on changes in it.
  • Individual needs to make matches and analyze differences

Main sphere of implementing are services or trading.

Effective to notice days in a weeks or weeks in a month, when business have a rest to plan personal time.


Goals-based approach

Is popular for realizing advices got on personal development trainings. The point to make goals, plan steps and describe them on a daily/weekly basis. Then check results.


Any way chosen for leading weekly planner will bring comfort and decrease rush into days, help to do more during the week by losing no time remembering what needs to be done.