Now you see what have you done?

Now you see what have you done?

It is good to know that time for nearest future is well-organized, no collapses or overlays, and better to know that there is a possibility to control and follow up events. In addition, most people related to abovementioned categories like to know hard moment is left and some sweet moments coming.

It explains why it is nice to use monthly planner making business or personal arrangements.

Classification of monthly planners

Types of monthly planners can be described from the different point of view. Here are some of them:

By forms:

  • Poster. Big printable calendar reflecting chosen month. It can be divided by weeks only or by weeks and days. As a rule, located in near the bed or working place, so could be easily amended or traced.
  • Notebook. Looks like a diary, pages of which represents days of certain month. Can be designed in a special manner depending on purpose and even hand-made,
  • Electronic type. Calendar, that, in fact can be itemized by years, months, weeks, etc.


By purposes:

  • Business planner. Such monthly calendar has chapters or special places to be filled with meetings, plans, calls, interim results.
  • Personal development and goals. Can also have different design depending on what exactly is improving: communication skill, time management, leadership, etc.
  • Current to do list. Suits for some routine, current tasks to keep tracking and to analyze the busiest peaks of some activities.

How to choose planner

Except the purposes criteria the following factors should be considered, when monthly planner is chosen:

  • Usability. If continues notes and amendments will be done, so the best type is electronic or a book. If it will be just a reminder of plans, that probably will be not changes, that printable poster would be a good idea.
  • Privacy. Note, that all printable versions can get into stranger’s hands, but if book can be hidden what to do with a poster?

The most popular and universal in usage type is printable notebooks, that can be very bright and positive, so make your decision to follow the plan stronger. And for the most demanding there is an opportunity to create own design or order hand-made type.